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This is a list of the private tours of Venice we provide. Best Rome tours feels we provide the best tours of Venice.

Essential Venice Tour

Do you have only limited time in Venice? Are you on a cruise or just in Venice for one day only? We offer the opportunity of maximizing your visit in one of the most unique cities in Italy. Venice is a romantic town with a total absence of cars. Our passionate expert guide will show you some of the greatest highlights together with some hidden corners of this amazing city; you will go to St. Mark’s Basilica, St. Mark’s Square, Doge Palace, Bridge of Sighs and then continue to the picturesque borough of Rialto where there is the traditional local market and reach the Basilica of the Frari where you will admire Titian’s works.


Itinerary: Doge Palace, St. Mark’s Basilica, St. Mark’s Square, Bridge of Sighs

Operative: Every Day Skip Lines: Yes
Duration: 4 hours Price: From €150 per person
Venice Walking Tour
St.Mark’s District Tour

If you are in Venice and are interested in see the area of St. Mark’s square without standing in long lines then this is the right tour for you. You will tour for 2 hours with a knowledgeable and friendly guide. You will visit the main sights in the area of St. Mark. When you are in Venice, you cannot miss the visit to the Doge Palace.



Operative: Every DaySkip Lines: Yes
Duration: 2 Hours Price: From €100 per person
Venice City Tour
Venice Art Tour

Follow the footsteps of Tintoretto, one of Venice's most celebrated painters. Lived in the 16th century during the Renaissance, Tintoretto is known for being one of the most important representative of the Venetian School. His legacy can be found in many churches in Venice. Your first stop will be the presbytery of San Giorgio Maggiore, where you will admire two Tintoretto's paintings: the Jews in the desert and The Last Supper. You tour will continue to the Church of the Gesuati.


Itinerary: Presbytery of San Giorgio Maggiore, Church of the Gesuati...

Operative: Every Day Skip Lines: Yes
Duration: 2 Hours Price: From €100 per person
Venice Italy Tours
Day Trips from Venice

Choose a relaxing day trip to discover Venice's surroundings. You will combine art and history in the city of Verona with the beautiful landscapes of Lake Garda surrounded by mountains. Leave Venice with our private driver and head to Verona, “The City of Love”. It is here that Shakespeare set the tragic love between Romeo and Juliet. You will walk along its cobblestone streets, stopping at Piazza delle Erbe, the Ancient Roman Forum, and the medieval Castelvecchio.


Itinerary: Verona, Lake Garda, Sirmione

Operative: Every Day Skip Lines: Yes
Duration: 9 Hours Price: From €450 per person
Day trips from Venice
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