Colosseum Underground Tour

Our Colosseum underground tour gives you to the opportunity to see the hidden parts of the Colosseum without the crowds.

In our tour of the Roman amphitheater you will be able to walk in the footsteps of the Gladiators.

You will walk on the arena floor and reach the uppermost tier of the Colosseum to enjoy an amazing view of the city of seven hills, only seen by a select few.

We offer tours with passionate, dedicated guides. You will visit these reserved sections of the Colosseum in a group up to a maximum of 24 people.

We provide headsets so you can relax and your expert guide will accompany you around the archaeological remains at a relaxed pace.

You will learn about what life was like for everyday Romans, stories about the life of the Roman emperors and senators that often killed each other to rise to power.

Have fun discovering Ancient Rome with Best Rome Tours!

Colosseum Underground Tour Details

Name: VIP Colosseum, Dungeons and Roman Forum Tour
Type: Group; 24 people or less.
Operative: Everyday
Skip Lines: Yes
Official Guide: Yes
Duration: 3 Hours
Difficulty: Medium
Dress Code: Comfortable shoes, shorts and tshirts recommended
Suitability: Everyone
Child Friendly: Yes
Weather: Tour takes place in either rain or shine
Itinerary: Roman Forum, Colosseum, Colosseum Underground, Colosseum Third Tier, Colosseum Arena
Price: €70
Tickets Included: Yes

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